Woman charged in Wagoner County murder now accused of trying to poison Wisconsin couple

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FILE – Kore Bommeli (Jail Photo courtesy of Dane County, WI.)


TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – A woman accused of murdering her roommate in Wagoner County is now accused of trying to poison two people in Wisconsin.

Kore Bommeli is jailed in Wagoner County, charged with the murder of 53-year-old Talina Galloway after her remains were found inside a freezer in Arkansas.

Now, Bommeli also faces charges of attempted homicide in Wisconsin, accused of trying to poison a couple there with ricin in 2014.

Bommeli is suspected of sprinkling the poisonous powder while burglarizing the Wisconsin couple’s home. Court documents out of Wisconsin say Bommeli’s husband told a detective that they lived near the Wisconsin couple back in 2014 and didn’t get along with them.

He told the detective that Bommeli admitted to having ricin “for use against their enemies,” according to the court document.

During the investigation into Galloway’s disappearance in Oklahoma, local investigators spoke with investigators in Wisconsin and ended up talking with the couple in Wisconsin, who found some leftover powder in their home to be analyzed.

That powder was turned over to the FBI and tested positive for ricin.